Robot Corporation – Online spēle

*wasd* = move
*mouse* = shoot
*r* = reload
*f* = use health kit
*g* = grenade
*v* = meleee
*tab* = menu, shop
*x* = prone
*ctrl* = crouch
*space* = jump
*shift* = sprint
*1**2**3**4**5* = weapons

The planet was dominated by robots. Anyone who could escape as fast as possible. Cities are depopulated and shops are robbed. What was not too heavy or fixed to the ground just disappeared. There are only a few brave soldiers left in the streets who still believe that the robot corporation can be defeated and they are fight utill the end. You are one of them and you are courageous. Survive all waves of enemy robots and end this battle. Only you are gifted enough to destroy the robots. Save the world and set up the order. Have fun.

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