Amazing Flying Hero – Online spēle

*WASD* = move
*F* = fly or land character
*E* = Enter/Exit Vehicle
*Left Shift*= run
*Spacebar*= jump
* Right Mouse Click* = LASER SHOOT
*Q* = grab hook
*V* = Pick Up Or Throw Object
*Left Mouse Click* = Punch
*Esc* = menu
*G*=reset car
*Pressed Left Shift* = Helicopter to Up
*Pressed Spacebar* = Helicopter to Down

Amazing Flying Hero is a third-person action game in the big city. You can shoot laser and destroy buildings, fly a character or helicopter, drive a car. The hero is very strong and can lift heavy objects. Become a hero and save the people. You have 9 different missions to complete or challenge.You can be free and explore the vast 3D city .Your choice !

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