Maze of Infection – Online spēle


Mouse / Keyboard

Use *WASD* To move the Player
Move *mouse* to aim
*left mouse button* to shoot / Attack
*right mouse button* to Run
*Mouse Scroll* to change weapon


Left Analog or D-pad to move the Player
Right Analog to Aim
Right/Left Bumper to change weapon

Right Shoulder Button to Shoot/ Attack
Left Shoulder Button to Run

A survival-Top down shooter full of zombies!
You are the last survivor of a lab, where misterious experiment where made on poor people. Find your wayout running through and killing dozens of zombies!

You are alone, in a secret lab, not far from a big city.
You know you can escape from the building, you just have to run and fight for your life.
12 Floors, full of creepy monsters that want your flesh.
Defend yourself with any weapon and run towards the exit…


– 12 different Levels
– Labirinthic maps
– Dozens of zombies
– 6 different weapons
– Different zombies types and key locations for each playtrough
– Procedural Zombie Creation (any zombie is procedurally created with different health, speed, animations…)

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