Royale Forces – Online spēle

*space* = jump
*shift* = ability
*1* *2* *3* = guns
*f* = flash
*m* = map
*t* = chat
*tab* = pause

Royale Forces features a FPS game in which you can play Battle Royale or Doom Royale game modes. Additional game modes are made for fun (deathmatch, team deathmatch). You can play against other players or train versus bots.

Game Modes;
* Arcade: 2x Jump force, All weapons equipped
* Battle Royale: Be the sole survivor, if you die it’s game over
* DOOM: Also known as Doom Royale, it’s like Battle Royale but you also have an RPG. Use it wisely
* Deathmatch
* Team Deathmatch
* Classic modes are like DM/TDM but without player ability and no power-ups

* Power-ups
* Multiple game modes to choose from
* Multiple weapons and weapon skins
* Level-up system that allows you to use different weapon skins
* Armor/mask customization
* 4 unique and detailed maps!

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