Salt and Sails – Online spēle

*Tap on the screen* = aim
*Release the screen* = shoot

Your ship has been attacked by sea creatures! Load the guns faster, and fight back the hated enemies! Earn coins and improve the combat abilities of your ship… Sea wolves never give up!
You have to take control of the guns of a pirate ship. Clear your way from opponents by setting the trajectory of the projectile and shooting at the right moment. Repel the attack of both underwater and aerial targets.
Don’t forget to collect coins to improve the combat features of your ship.
The game provides many types of pumping both the ship itself and shells for guns.
The goal in the game is to swim as far as possible while your ship is afloat and beat the record. The better your shooting skills and the higher the leveling level, the further you can swim and earn more coins.

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