Skibidi Toilet: Long Neck – Online spēle


For a long time, Skibidi scientists worked on creating new universal fighters who could attack enemies from a distance, and their efforts bore fruit. They created shooting monsters, but the Cameramen quickly changed tactics and began to use various types of cover. We had to urgently look for a way out of the current circumstances and as a result, a new species appeared, which is what you will control in the game Skibidi Toilet: Long Neck. Today you will have to help the toilet monsters destroy quite a large number of agents. Your character will be visible on the screen in front of you, which is the latest development. He has the ability to extend his neck to any distance. You will have to use this ability of his. At a distance from Skibidi you will see armed Cameramen, but they will not be able to harm your hero. Using the control keys you will control the actions of your monster. You will need to lengthen his neck and headbutt your opponent. This way you will destroy opponents and receive points for this in the game Skibidi Toilet: Long Neck. Be careful, as there will be walls on the way and if you do not have time to go around them, your character will crash into the stonework and die, and you will lose the level.

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