Drive Car Stunts – Online spēle

WASD or arrow keys to drive
Space bar to use handbrake
C: camera switch
F: use nitro
B: back view

Drive Car Stunts is a brilliant and realistic stunt driving game. In this title, you can drive a variety of different cars all with a different appearance, color, and style. The driving area has a range of magnificent obstacles and objects that you can perform stunts around.
There are ramps, loops, and other cool items that can help you pull off some awesome tricks. There is no limit on what you can do, and you can test out your driving skills with no restraint! Don’t worry about smashing your car up – there are plenty more that you can jump into!

Car simulation game
Two maps each with a different theme to play
10 high-speed cars to buy and drive
Customizable car’s setting and performance
Awesome physics and effects

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