JMKit PlaySets: Back To School – Online spēle

Use your *mouse* to click the different options to change the look of the selected item,
clock and drag characters / items and some furniture around to make your own scenes and stories
Click the camera icon in the top right to take a snapshot of your scene

JMKit PlaySets: Back To School lets you create and tell your very own cute and funny stories and comic scenes in the Blissville High School.
You have all 21 cute and cool JMKit characters to pose and play with, tell them how to move / rotate and even talk with speech bubbles. Not only that but you can set the scene with screen effects and weather options, Snow, Rain, Sunshine.. Night or Day, it’s up to you, oh and don’t forget there’s also tons of draggable objects to customise the scenes however you choose. So have fun and be creative!

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