JMKit PlaySets: My Home Makeover – Online spēle

Use your *mouse* to click the different options to change the look of the selected item,
clock and drag characters / items and some furniture around to make your own scenes and stories

JMKit PlaySets: My House Makeover is a wonderful simulation you won’t find anywhere! Have you ever thought about your own home? What it would be inside? There is no better way than to simulate it. You can edit all the rooms of the house – children’s room, office, kitchen, living room or attic. Choose floors – parquet, carpet, tiles. Also choose walls, furniture and accessories. You have a full range of colors available – basic, but also many different shades. Think about everything to the last detail. Select and place windows. What is the weather outside? Snow, rain, summer. Is it night or day? You will find all this and much more in the great JMKit PlaySets: My House Makeover game. Have fun.

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