Galactic Alien Mars – Online spēle

*WASD* – move
*down*, *up*, *left*, *right* or *arrows* – move
*mouse* – look around
*space* – jump
*shift* – run
*0*..*9* – change guns

Recent reports confirmed that the aliens started invasion to our galaxy. We will have to send all our soldiers and confront them. According to unverified reports, we have the best chance, if we face them on Mars, we should have strategic advantage there. But Mars is not the only place, where the war will be unleashed, it is certain now. The game Galactic Alien Mars is our latest 3d multiplayer shooter game based on great galactic war motives, and it is only up to you, whether you join the side of protectors of our galaxy, or those, who are trying to destroy it. The battle will take place on ten maps playable in three modes: The Martian Wars, Survival Battle and Zombie Survival. Have fun.

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