Pixel Royale Apocalypse – Online spēle

*wasd* = move
*mouse* = shoot
*mouse scroll* = weapons
*1* = previev gun
*2* = next gun
*tab* = menu
*r* = reload
*c* = crouch
*shift* = run
*space* = jump
*t* = chat
*enter* = send message

Are you ready for another Pixel Royale apocalypse ? Well this is your favorite game now :).Try Pixel multiplayer in the great fight of maps blocks and cool charcter. You can customize your look player with much costume and also change head looking. Weapon customize also from pistol , sniper, rpg, and more untill rech 24 guns, you can buy every you want on this game and make looking the best also not forget attachaments and camos will make you a great guns looking.

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