Basket Slam Dunk 2 – Online spēle

*Touch* = All control

Play and have fun with this basketball game to test your skill.

Basket Slam Dunk 2 is a fun basketball game that tests your skill, with a one-touch control system, you will get the most spectacular baskets.

An addictive game in which you can play to get the highest score, play games against the CPU, play against a friend on the same screen and play online against other rivals, you can prove that you are the best player.

Four game modes, including online multiplayer, 16 players to choose from, online reputation when winning games, and most importantly, lots of fun for everyone, simple to play, hard to master.


– Pixel art graphics by the artist Isemgar.

– B.S.O. Original by Guillermo Cañete.

– 16 players to unlock.

– One touch control.

– You can download the repetitions of your best baskets.

– 4 game modes.

– Charismatic players.

– Play online against other rivals.

– Online Reputation.

– Free game.

If you like basketball, you can’t miss Basket Slam Dunk 2, the fun is guaranteed.

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