Bottle Tap – Online spēle


Looking for a bottle game? Then This Bottle Tap Game is the ultimate bottle game, you are looking for.

Use Your Mind To Pass Different Unique Levels. Collect The Stars With Bottle Caps To Pass The Level . This Game Will Keep You Calm And Entertain For Hours

Controls Are Really Simple But Effective . This is one of the funny games on the Google Play Store. One-touch helps you to hit the stars and collect Stars Pop Have Fun!
There Different Challenges Waiting For You In Every Level . You Can Teleport And Flip Bottle Cap Through Teleporter Which Opens Millions Of Doors Of Entertainment . The Only Addictive Amazing Arcade Casual Game On Play Store . Train your reaction time, develop coordination, control the strength and distance of the pop. Most importantly – calculate the distance correctly because it depends on whether you can hit the star to win!

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